The Greater China Centre for Private Equity (GCCPE) was established in September 2014 and it was the first greater China focused private equity centre in the world. The centre was started with a vision to become a world-class centre to connect a stellar cast of academics, professionals from the private equity and related industries, entrepreneurial business professionals in greater China to the world and vice-versa.


Our Objectives

  • To provide a platform for professionals from the private equity and related industries in greater China to connect to the world and vice versa
  • To establish a world-class research, teaching, executive development and an advisory hub in private equity
  • To enhance the awareness and understanding of the private equity industry
  • To contribute to the economic development of greater China through the promotion of the private equity and related industries
  • To support the development of business in greater China through our research, consultancy and unparalleled access to leading professionals in capital markets
  • To increase the talent pool of private equity professionals


GCCPE Platform


Our initiatives

  • Strengthen Network and Build Relationships: We aim to provide a platform and community for academics, private equity professionals and its value chain in the Greater China region to connect to the world. Through our centre, we will strengthen the relationship between private equity players in Greater China and the world through activities such as conferences, workshops, speaker series, networking events and access to academic research.
  • World-Class Education and Best Practices: We aim to create a world-class centre that advances knowledge of the private equity industry in the greater China region. Through bringing distinguished academics and practitioners together, we support and facilitate the confluence of ideas amongst the brightest minds from all over the world.
  • In-depth Academic and Practical Research: We aim to promote and support academic research and thought leadership for the PE industry and develop the writing of private equity cases focused on Asia. Through our research, we strive to gain a deeper insight into the PE industry in greater China, and better appreciate the extensive impact that it has on the global economy.